lundi 28 juillet 2008

What's new?

So, what has been done during the last 2 weeks of this project? Here's a brief list of the completed tasks:

  • Added the resources strings (French and English)
  • Removed the repositories tab and added +/- buttons at the bottom of the available tree
  • Added KeyListeners to textfields in order to submit via the enter key
  • Available plugins are now removed after being installed
  • Corrected 2 bugs that were there before the project (1 in BrandingActivator, 1 in PluginManagerActivator)
  • Tabs are now Enabled/Disabled when the repositories are loading
  • Added validations on buttons for null pointers
  • Fail-over in AddRepositoryDialog (if you add an XML file that doesn't exist and you close the dialog while it's searching, you won't get a timeout after closing it)

As you can see, it's getting more and more complete as the end of the summer approaches :)

Here are some screenshots of the updates:

Loading repositories and disabled components :

Adding a repository and +/- button :

Unknown remote repository in the tree :

That's it for this week! For next week, I'll do mostly "invisible" stuff, like refactoring variable names and applying the code format...

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