samedi 17 mai 2008

Managed to make the Felix OBR work!

This week I was playing with Felix OBR (OSGi bundle repository). I had a couple of problems including inconsistency and inheritance. I'll explain my problems and the solutions here.

My goal was to use the Felix OBR in the SIP Communicator project. The first thing I did was to add the Felix OBR jar file to the class path, add the OSGi obr and Felix OBR packages to my bundle, and try the code in my start method. It didn't work. Everytime I was trying to use a class of the OSGi obr package, it would tell me another class of the same package was already loaded.

I found out that the OBR was already installed as a bundle in SC. I searched and found that it was loaded in the system property. I then removed the Felix OBR package import in my manifest, as I only needed the OSGi obr package. Since it was already loaded as a bundle, I only had to get the reference to the service, using RepositoryAdmin.class.getName(). Everything worked afterwards! Thanks to SC developers mailing list and Felix users mailing list!

This week I also discussed the project schedule for the summer with my mentor Cristina. I'll post it as soon as it's confirmed!

TODO List:

  • Continue playing with Felix OBR
  • Think of the project functionnalities

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